wtorek, 10 sierpnia 2010


tekst, scenariusz: Agnieszka Weseli, rysunki: Beata Sosnowska


Komiks jest zapisem chwili, w której pada informacja o katastrofie lotniczej pod Smoleńskiem. Sytuacje jest widziana z perspektywy dwóch kobiet, najprawdopodobniej będących kochankami.


Translation: I've got no more oral exams-so it's time to change my hairstyle for an attractive one. And I mean attractive not only for my decrepid Infectious Diseases professor.

-And how to tell my hairdresser that I want 'lesbian look'?

...If I say 'masculine' I'll end up with something like this.
...If I say 'short but feminine', I'll look like the post office lady.
...'Shaved'? And he'll start with dirty jokes...

Luckilly my hairdresser was more creative than me.

-So? I bet you want' Natalia Kukulska '

So that's how they call it now...


Btw, Natalia Kukulska, as far as I know is not lesbian at all... Just a Polish pop star. I used to like her when me and I were children. Her glasses on the video-delicious! The only other song by her I like is Disney's Hercules image song.

And well, the length of my hair didn't allow the full effect... I was satisfied anyway :)